Top 20 Cosplay of SDCC17

The Top 20 Cosplay of SDCC17

There are so many things to experience at San Diego Comic-Con. One aspect is the dazzling array of costumes. Check out the 20 best Cosplay of 2017.

20. Furries

FurriesWhile Furries have their own conventions all over the U.S., and the world, you’ll find plenty of them at San Diego Comic-Con.

19. Kylo Ren

Kylo RenEmo crybaby or conflicted Dark Side savant? You decide. Actually, let me decide for you: Awesome, hot-headed, radicalized fallen Jedi.

18. The Genie

The GenieThe only way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the class Disney film properly is to dress up as everyone’s favorite character.

17. Ken

KenAnother 25-year-old franchise, Street Figher II, features a fun cast of brawlers, whose catchphrases we still shout today. Hadouken!

16. Spider-Woman, Cap, & Spider-Gwen

Spider-Woman, Captain America, & Spider-GwenThere were several Spider-Men/Women/Hams at SDCC17. But not very many fighting over Captain America’s shield!

15. Captain Michael Myers

Captain Michael MyersVery meta: the Michael Myers (Halloween) mask is a mangled William Shatner-playing Captain Kirk (Star Trek) head. Ah, mashups.

14. Lady R2-D2

Lady R2-D210 points for creativity!

13. Deadpool Playboy Bunny

Deadpool Playboy BunnyI’m not the biggest Deadpool fan. But I can respect some of the more interesting interpretations fan put together.

12. Rocket & Groot

Rocket Raccoon & GrootSpeaking of which: What do you think of Sexy Rocket Raccoon and Sexy Groot?

11. Red Sonja

Red SonjaThe She-Devil With a Sword, Red Sonja, has fascinating history; mixing Robert E. Howard influences with general barbarian bad-assery.

10. Heisenberg & Pinkman

Heisenberg & PinkmanThe Best Show on Television (Ever) is Breaking Bad. Fight me. There are two kinds of people: Breaking Bad Fans. And people that are wrong.

9. Leeloo

Leeloo“Big bada boom!”

8. Mad Moxxi

Mad MoxxiWith bold flashes of red and white, Mad Moxxi definitely stands out. You also need a certain attitude to play her right.

7. Hatbox Ghost

Hatbox GhostThis is a much more malevolent version of the classic The Haunted Mansion ghost. This one will really give you nightmares!

6. Thor, A2, & 2B

Thor, A2, & 2BThe Mighty Thor and the mighty androids of NieR: Automata.

5. Jade & Kitana

Jade & KitanaThe most risqué cosplay of San Diego Comic-Con 2017 is the one with the least clothing. Body painting fits the bill, nicely.

4. No-Face

No-FaceThe greatest anime of all time features a host of fantastical characters and situations. Kaonashi will certainly leave a memory.

3. Sardonyx

SardonyxWhat do you get when you combine Pearl and Garnet (from Steven Universe)? You get awesome, also known as Sardonyx!

2. Hela

HelaDon’t mes with the Goddess of Death. Don’t even try throwing your hammer at her. She’ll eff it up, for sure.

1. The Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff GirlsSugar. Spice. And everything nice.  These are the ingredients that make a pop culture icon.

The best cosplay of Comic-Con 2017?

Why, yes! But if you’ve got an opinion add a comment below, or link to some good ones. The more cosplay, the better.

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