The Best Magic: The Gathering Resources

I used to play Magic in the ’90s. I put the hobby away for a while. But, in 2017, I’m back. Here are my favorite Magic: The Gathering Resources.

Wizards of the Coast

Get your info straight from the Mesa Pegasus‘ mouth. Visit the WotC site to get a steady stream of official spoilers, updates, commentary, and strategies. Read up on the Magic storyline to get the full flavor of a set (there’s a story behind it all, you know!), and see what’s next.

Reborn Spoilers

This is a great site to see a set in a variety of ways: Set List, Mana Curve, Converted Mana Cost and more. Best of all, it’s mobile optimized: you can view on tablets/phones from 2-7 columns. There’s even a handy Checklist view if you’re trying to build a set.


With a powerful advanced search, you’ll be able to find the right cards, quickly. You’ll also be able to get data on prices of cards in USD and EUR. Plus, when you view a card, you can dig into a ton of info such as which Top 8 decks use the card, and an analysis on EDHREC.

MTG Price List from dawnGlare

And, finally, my secrete weapon. By the far, the most most plain-looking of the sites I’ve mentioned, for sure. BUT, by far the most valuable. Literally. With a focus on the most valuable cards per set, this is my go-to site get to the important stuff. Select a price list for Standard, Modern, Legacy, or by niche set, and you get it. Boom. Pure data. Or, use the Visualizer to see the most valuable cards as proportional view, so you can identify them quickly when you’re cracking packs. For example, from Hour of Devastation The Scarab God has actually surpassed Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh in value!
Scoop up that God.

Honorable Mentions

  • MTGGoldfish – Prices, decks, strategies, and a cute goldfish mascot. If you don’t know MTGGoldfish, you don’t know Magic.
  • Channel Fireball – One of the oldest and most-trusted names in the MtG community. Great articles to keep you on your game.


There you go—the best Magic: The Gathering Resources. Go forth and build the best decks you can with confidence. I know I will, since I realize I’ve got a lot to learn again.