Don’t Buy the Nintendo Switch!

Not click-bait! This is a well-reasoned, grown-up reason why you should not to buy the Nintendo Switch. Have an open mind.

Don’t Buy a Switch

My most controversial video on YouTube features a well-reasoned opinion on why you shouldn’t buy the new Nintendo Switch. But it’s not for the usual reasons.  Check the video and see for yourself.

Buy Nintendo Stock

The big idea is: Do you want a short-term reward, or a long-term reward? If you buy a Switch (or any game console), you’ll be spending money you won’t get back. Every console loses value (just ask GameStop). If, however, you invest your money in the game company, you could gain value. The video explains how if you’d bought Nintendo Company stock ($NTDOY) in 1994 (instead of a SNES), you’d have nearly $3,000 in value. So what if you invest in Nintendo Company stock instead of buying another console? $$$


If you made it through the video, there is actually a happy medium: Go ahead and buy the Switch. It’s fun, after all! But also, buy Nintendo Company stock. As the company profits, so will you. Easy!


If you’re going to buy Nintendo Company stock, send me an email to get a good deal from TDAmeritrade.

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