College Instructor and Web Designer in San Diego

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This hot new social network is my favorite one of them all. I've met so many cool people on Google+. If you haven't signed up, what are you waiting for?

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When you want to read about San Diego Comic-Con, comic books, or other cool stuff, you come to my blog. You'll love it.

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Interacting with people in real time is done best when you're on Twitter. It's also the best place to be in the know.

Who is this vmcampos guy? A synopsis

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My body is in San Diego, but my mind is online

I'm a college instructor and I do web design on the side. Well, not just web design but social media, eCommerce, photography, etc. My hobbies include collecting comic books; I've been doing so since around 1987. I've been attending San Diego Comic-Con since 1993, too. Besides comics, I like to draw and take photos. I also like to play around with video. I've been known to do some painting, too. I'm a bit of a trivia fiend; challenge me at Trivial Pursuit, if you dare. My favorite pet is the cat, but I love all the animals of the world. Mostly. Lastly, I like to cook; it's quite gratifying to craft a meal for friends and family. Oh, and I'm a budding mixologist.

Where am I online? Just about everywhere

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Online, all the time

Online, you'll usually find me as vmcampos. So find me on Twitter, Google+, Instagram, or whatever social media you favor. Like everyone else, I started on MySpace (still have a profile there) and then moved on to Facebook (which I'm not a fan of, though. As a matter of fact I resisted it until 2012). In 2009 I joined Twitter. I like to live tweet with people during TV shows (watching [adult swim] with a few thousand people is always fun). I joined Google+ in 2011 and have made a lot of great connections there. Not to brag, but I've been on Instagram since week one: October 13, 2010. I'm on social media on my spare time, which means I have no spare time.