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Victor Campos is a College Instructor and Web Designer in San Diego, California. You'll find him online as vmcampos.

What's New (2013.07.07)


What's this site about? It's a gateway to everywhere you'll find me online. I've been a graphic and web designer since 2001, check out my site VmC Ink. Follow me on Twitter for funny, interesting, thought-provoking tweets. As a very important person, I have a Facebook page. Google+ is the newest social network on the block, and very fun. I've got artwork on deviantART that you might enjoy. If you like videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel. I go to the San Diego Comic-Con every year, and you can see the photos in my Flickr stream. There are so many great links out there; I save the best in my Delicious bookmarks. Lifecasting and stream of conscious videos are at my USTREAM. Lastly, you might read a fun post or two on my Blog.

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What's Old (2013.02.12)

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