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Top 10 Cosplay of Comic-Con 2012: Day 1

San Diego Comic-Con is filled with lots of amazing costumes, also known as Cosplay. There are so many great outfits, it’s hard to choose just ten. But here is my top 10 list.

Number Ten:
Chun-Li & Ken from Street Fighter II, one of my favorite games. Fight!

Number Nine:
The Sleeping Beauty cast. Great colors, great costumes and it’s always cool when you can get a bunch of friends to Cosplay with you.

Number Eight:
GIR from Invader Zim. Now, this is a costume, of a costume, from the show. So that’s pretty deep.

Number Seven:
Female Stormtrooper. If you haven’t heard of Internet Rule Number 63, stop right now and look it up. You’ll thank me!

Number Six:
Raven & Starfire from Teen Titans. Now this is what costumes are all about: you and a friend, dressing up and going to Comic-Con.

Number Five:
Indiana Jones. But, not just any Indy. This is Indiana Jones from Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. So, slightly-older Indy.

Number Four:
Two-Face from Batman: The Animated Series. This is is truly one of the best versions of Two-Face I’ve ever seen! Just check out the detail!

Number Three:
The Visitors from “V.” Very weird. Very esoteric. Very scary. Checkup out that mouse!

Number Two:
Data from Star Trek the Next Generation. This is the first Cosplay of Data I’ve ever seen and it’s pretty impressive. Look at those eyes.

Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop, my favorite anime of all-time. Such details. Such devotion to the character. Amazing!

So that was a the Top Ten Cosplay of Comic-Con 2012 – Day One. So many great costumes to choose from!

Very hard to narrow it down to just ten.

What do you think? Leave a comment below if you disagree. See my Flickr gallery for more pictures.






3 responses to “Top 10 Cosplay of Comic-Con 2012: Day 1”

  1. Chuck Dowe Avatar

    You got such a great collection of characters this year at Comic-Con, if only I had gone more days this last year.

  2. Ladan Moshiri Avatar
    Ladan Moshiri

    Happy Halloween!


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