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  • Top 5 Cosplay – San Diego Comic-Con 2015

    There are many amazing things to see at San Diego Comic-Con. People really go all-out in crafting the perfect costume. Check out my Top 5 videos for every day.

  • Comic-Con Bingo #sdccBINGO

    Comic-Con Bingo #sdccBINGO

    San Diego Comic-Con is the place to see cool stuff. Play the San Diego Comic-Con Bingo Game and triple your fun. The goal is to take as many photos of each of the topics on a board as you can. Here’s an example:

  • Top 5 Comic-Con Cosplay 2011

    Top 5 Comic-Con Cosplay 2011

    Comic-Con 2011 came and went. But the memories of great costumes will always live in photos! Here are the top 5 Comic-Con costumes for 2011. What’s your favorite cosplay? Leave a comment!

  • SDCC2010 – Top 10 Costumes Day 4

    SDCC2010 – Top 10 Costumes Day 4

    You can’t go wrong with DC girls costumes. Or a group effort of She-Ra villains. This is enough great cosplay to have a fun game of Comic-Con Bingo.

  • SDCC2010 – Top 10 Costumes Day 3

    SDCC2010 – Top 10 Costumes Day 3

    When you have a Dark Phoenix costume at Comic-Con, you must put her in your top 10 list. Why? You don’t want a blast of cosmic energy, that’s why! I don’t think Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is worried, though. 10. Catwoman, Batgirl, Joker A group of friends dressed up for Comic-Con. What could be better? Here’s…