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Every week on Let’s Enter the Arena (A Magic: The Gathering Arena podcast), vmcampos chats with a fan of MtG. We talk about their origin stories, favorite cards, strategy, card previews, and more.

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00aMany12/28/18Preview 1
00bMany1/2/19Preview 2
01Luke [I]1/4/19Get to know you
01.1Luke [II]1/8/19RNA
02Keeb [I]1/11/19Get to know you
02.1Keeb [II]1/15/19RNA
03EdViBe [I]1/18/19Get to know you
04Alan [I]1/25/19Get to know you
04.1Alan [II]1/29/19RNA
05Chesire Plays Games [I]2/1/19Get to know you
06Ben [I]2/8/19Get to know you
07Jeff [I]2/15/19Get to know you
08Aidan [I]2/22/19Get to know you
09Lilianda [I]3/1/19Get to know you
10Cresta Starr [I]3/8/19Get to know you
10.1Cresta Starr [II]3/12/19RNA
11Mythic Mikaela [I] 3/15/19Get to know you
11.1Mythic Mikaela [II]3/19/19RNA
12LittlestGremlin [I]3/22/19Get to know you
13vmcampos3/29/19Get to know you
14Keeb/Cresta Starr [III/III]4/5/19WAR Trailer
15Patricia [I]4/12/19Get to know you
16Mythic Mikaela/Luke [III/III]4/19/19WAR Trailer
17Pixie Kitten/DevDoodle [I/I]4/26/19Get to know you
18Jose M [I]5/3/19Get to know you
20BadWolfMTG [I]5/17/19Get to know you
21Megan [I]5/24/19Get to know you
23Alan [III]6/7/19 WAR + MH1
24EdViBe [II]6/14/19WAR + MH1
25Ben [II]6/21/19WAR + MH1
26Stevie [I]6/28/19Get to know you
27TopHatTolab [I]7/5/19Get to know you
28Patricia [II]7/12/19SDCC2019
31HinaLyka [I]8/2/19Get to know you
32BadWolfMTG [II]8/9/19MH1 + M20
33Stevie [II]8/16/19M20
34vmcampos8/23/19STD Deck Tech: Etrata
35Patricia [III]8/30/19Brawl
36Mythic Mikaela [IV]9/6/19Brawl
37Alan [IV]9/13/19ELD (previews)
38Keeb [IV]9/20/19ELD (previews)
39Lilianda [II]9/27/19ELD
40jele77 [I]10/4/19Get to know you
41BeeMoh [I]10/11/19Get to know you
42Anna Madison [I]10/18/19Get to know you
43Cresta Starr [IV]10/25/19ELD
44Alan (DragosiMTG) [I]11/1/19Get to know you
45vmcampos11/8/19Brawl Deck Tech: Ajani
46wizardoak [I]11/15/19Get to know you
47TopHatTolab [II]11/22/19Brawl Deck Techs
48Marshmallow Kat [I]11/29/19Get to know you
49vmcampos12/6/19Brawl Deck Tech: Oketra
50Zeriah [I]12/13/19Get to know you
51Megan [II]12/20/19THB (previews)
52Aiden [II]12/27/19THB (previews)
52.9Best of LEtA 201912/30/19Year in Review
53Dev Doodle [II]1/3/20Year in Review + THB
54Keeb [V]1/10/20Year in Review + THB
55Alan (DragosiMTG) [II]1/17/20Year in Review + THB
56thecubanmtger [I]1/24/20Get to know you
57CheshirePlaysGames [II]1/31/20Year in Review + THB
58vmcampos1/7/20Deck Tech: THB Mono Black
59Rosyla [I]2/14/20Get to know you
60vmcampos2/21/20World Championship XXVI
61Zeriah [II]2/28/20Year in Review + THB
62vmcampos3/6/20State of the Game
63CrestaStarr [V]3/13/20Year in Review + THB
64Mythic Mikaela [V]3/20/20Year in Review + THB
65Rosyla [II]3/27/20Year in Review + THB
66Marshmallow Kat [II]4/3/20 Year in Review + THB
67TopHat Tolab [III]4/10/20IKO (Previews)
68thecubanmtger [II]4/17/20IKO (Previews)
69yoshiislander [I]4/24/20Get to know you
70hargett618 [I]5/1/20Get to know you
71powrdragn [I]5/8/20Get to know you
72king_omni [I]5/15/20Get to know you
73vmcampos5/22/20Brawl Deck Tech: Kaheera
74vmcampos5/29/20Ikoria Survey Thoughts
75Alan (DragosiMTG) [III]6/5/20Year in Review + THB + IKO
76Dev Doodle [III]6/12/20M21 (Previews)
77vmcampos6/19/20M21 (Previews)
78wizardoak [II]6/26/20M21
79Matt Tabak [I]7/3/20WotC Employee!
80Matt Tabak [II]7/10/20WotC Employee!
81King Omni [II]7/17/20M21 + Jumpstart
82vmcampos7/24/20PW Deck Tech: Liliana (M21)
83vmcampos7/31/20Historic Ulamog Decks
84vmcampos8/07/20Brawl Deck Tech: Vito
85Mythic Mikaela [VI]8/14/20M21 + Jumpstart + 2XM
86vmcampos8/21/20Historic Boros Aggro Deck
87vmcampos8/28/20Is Commander Dying?
88Alan (DragosiMTG) [IV]9/04/20Zendikar Rising Previews
89hargett618 [II]9/11/20Zendikar Rising Previews
90vmcampos9/18/20Featured Creator News
91AngleofReason [I]9/25/20Get to know you
92EdViBe [III]10/02/20Zendikar Rising Thoughts
93vmcampos10/09/20Fixing Commander
94vmcampos10/16/20Brawl Deck Tech: Zacama
95vmcampos10/23/20Daily MtG Recap
96Mari [I]10/30/20Get to you know
97vmcampos11/ 06/20Commander Legends
98Keeb [VI]11/13/20Commander Legends
99Anna Madison [II]11/20/20Commander Legends

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